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Being Tired All the Time Can Affect Safety for Seniors

March is National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month and for those who have experienced chronic fatigue, they know how difficult it can make daily life. When a senior is dealing with any type of extreme fatigue, especially the kind of weariness that lasts all day, it can impact safety.

Senior Home Safety in Houston TX: Chronic Fatigue

Senior Home Safety in Houston TX: Chronic Fatigue

A senior who is dealing with excessive fatigue, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, or at most times throughout the day, should consult a doctor for proper diagnosis. No one should try to self diagnose, even if they know they are not getting a good night’s sleep. There could be a serious health issue or some other problem that can be addressed by an experienced medical professional.

It could be due to insomnia.

If the senior is not falling asleep very easily at night, wakes up numerous times throughout the night and has trouble falling back asleep, this can certainly lead to fatigue throughout the next day. The longer this insomnia goes on, the more it can negatively impact a person’s health and their safety.

It could be caffeine related.

Some people don’t make the connection between decaffeinated beverages, including coffee, tea, and soda, they drink in the afternoon and evening hours and their difficulty sleeping at night.

It could also be related to stress.

When a person is feeling a tremendous amount of stress in their life, they probably have a difficult time turning off their thoughts. That makes it difficult to sleep comfortably and soundly throughout the night. They may wake up feeling worn out and that fatigue may or may not dissipate throughout the day.

Home care may help.

When a person feels tired throughout the day, they probably have a tendency to feel weaker as well. As people get older they will already experience physical limitations as a natural process of aging. When they do, having physical support on hand can improve safety and support.

By relying on a home care aide, this senior will not only have somebody who can provide physical support and emotional encouragement, but that caregiver, especially if they have a great deal of experience working with other seniors, may advise them to consult with their doctor.

Keep in mind that any disease or syndrome that affects a person’s energy level, focus, or ability to sleep at night can be potentially dangerous. That’s why it’s so important to consult their doctor and see if there are any treatment options or other remedies that will help keep them safer at home.

The staff at SYNERGY HomeCare are available to talk with you and your family about all of your elder care needs. SYNERGY HomeCare is an elder care agency providing quality and affordable elder care in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. Call us for more information at 713-396-5211.

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