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Insomnia Can Increase Certain Safety Risks for Seniors

Senior Home Safety in Katy TX

Senior Home Safety What happens when a person can’t sleep at night? Insomnia is a serious condition for many people, including seniors. If an elderly individual is not sleeping well at night, their safety can be compromised.

Keeping seniors safe at home is often a priority of family members.

Family members often worry about their elderly loved ones, including parents or grandparents. For example, an adult child who lives in the next town over from their aging mother might stop by to visit her, and ends up doing so many things to help her because she doesn’t have the strength to do them on her own.

Before long, that younger family member begins to think about the various challenges the senior is facing. Getting up and down the stairs could be a problem. How can they get out of bed if they need help getting up from the kitchen chair? What if they try to do too much?

These questions can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. What about insomnia?

If a senior is not sleeping at night, if he or she cannot fall asleep, has difficulty staying asleep, or only gets an hour or two of sleep every night, they may get by and seem to function okay, but it’s going to cause a number of issues that need to be considered.


Being fatigued is one of the most common side effects of insomnia. If a person is fatigued, they will have less strength, less stamina, and a more difficult time staying focused.


When a person is not getting proper sleep, their mind is not getting a chance to rest, either. That means they may be having trouble with problem-solving skills, keeping track of conversations, and their memory could be suspect. This doesn’t mean they’re developing some form of dementia, but it could be the direct result of insomnia.


If a person is unable to do certain tasks they normally do with ease, it could be directly related to the fatigue they feel. If this continues, the chances they become frustrated increases.


When people go without sleep for several days on end, especially if they’re desperate for a good night’s sleep, anxiety can increase. Every night they get anxious. They dread bedtime. They basically already know they won’t be able to sleep, but that anxiety only makes it more difficult for them to relax and help their mind and body prepare for a
healthy night’s sleep.

If a person is having difficulty sleeping, they should consult their doctor. They may also want to consider relying on home care support services. An experienced home care aide may be able to alleviate some of the pressure and offer the comfort they need to fall asleep.

The caregivers at Comfort Keepers are available to talk with you and your family about all of your caregiver needs. Comfort Keepers is an elder care agency providing quality and affordable elderly care in Copperfield, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call (281) 407-0202 for more information.

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Don Lalonde

Prior to opening the West Houston Comfort Keepers office, Carol and Don Lalonde learned firsthand how difficult it can be to find qualified caregivers for seniors and others needing assistance at home. Carol and Don opened the West Houston Comfort Keepers office because they have personally witnessed the difficulty seniors experience as they age and try to remain at home.

They first experienced the need for senior home care services when Don’s father became very ill. His mother attempted to care for Don’s dad, but it was an overwhelming effort. At that time they were not able to find the type of services Comfort Keepers delivers. And shortly after, they experienced similar frustrations when Carol's mother became very ill. They recognize there are comparable situations today where seniors and their families find it difficult to obtain the needed assistance that will allow loved ones to live safely and independently at home.

Carol and Don are integral components in the West Houston, Katy, Bear Creek, Copperfield, Cypress, and Willowbrook communities enabling them to provide assistance to those families needing help with their loved ones.