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‘Unplug’ from Caregiving and Find Ways to Alleviate the Stress

Caregiver Stress in Bunker Hill TX

You’ve been a caregiver for your mother for many months. At first, you thought this was going to be a short-term assignment. You couldn’t imagine it was going to drag on for weeks and weeks and then months and months. Now you’re looking at the prospect of many, many years as a family caregiver.

The stress you’re under is building. 

It’s becoming more difficult for you each day to concentrate on tasks that need to get done. You’re having trouble at work, your interpersonal relationships are beginning to break down. You’re not spending time with friends, your spouse, or other family members.

Caregiver Stress in Bunker Hill TX

Caregiver Stress in Bunker Hill TX

In today’s modern environment, people have a tendency to talk about ‘unplugging’ when they need a break from something. We are surrounded by technology. Televisions, tablets, smartphones, and even our own cars rely on computer technology that surround us with ads, music, and endless ‘noise.’

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to unplug from all the of that. By unplugging, you get an opportunity to rest, clear your mind, and destress.

As a family caregiver, there are going to be times when you need to ‘unplug’ as well.

How can you ‘unplug’ from being a caregiver when your mother still need help every day?

You need to consider hiring a home care aide. An experienced home care aide who is hired through an agency may be able to offer support for your mother for just one, two, or more days every week. They can be hired for just two hours at a time, if need be.

At first, the idea of hiring a professional home care aide wasn’t reasonable. You couldn’t justify the cost, especially since you had some time to be able to help your mother out. Now, though, things have changed. The stress is getting to you.

You’re starting to snap at her. You’re getting frustrated and angry with your colleagues. You may have had a blowup with your boss. Things are becoming overwhelming for you.

If you rely on a home care aide to help take care of your mother for a couple of days a week, you can get to the gym, your favorite spa, or just be home where you can soak in a nice, hot tub. Clearing your thoughts, turning off the TV, shutting down the radio, turning off your phone … these are all ways you can unplug for a while. Refresh your mind, recharge your system, and let the stress drift away, at least for a while.

When you do, you’ll be in a better position to properly support and care for your mother. You may also discover that a home care aide is a great way to take care of her as well.

The staff at SYNERGY HomeCare are available to talk with you and your family about all of your elder care needs. SYNERGY HomeCare is an elder care agency providing quality and affordable caregivers in West University, TX and the surrounding areas. Call us for more information at 713-396-5211.

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