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Encourage the Senior in Your Life to Follow These Important Safety Tips at Home

Senior Home Safety in Katy TX

Senior Home SafetyEven if you are the primary caregiver for an aging parent, grandparent, or other loved one, you most likely aren’t with them around the clock, 24 hours a day. Maybe you come by for an hour or so each day or every couple of days to assist with some basic tasks. The best way to ensure the senior in your care remains uninjured at home is to encourage them to follow these important safety tips.

Clean up the clutter.

Over the years, people accumulate more “stuff” than they know what to do with or will ever use. Depending upon how and where all of this stuff is stored, it could create a safety hazard. Having boxes or even open items strewn about the house can put the senior at risk of a trip and fall accident or some other disaster.

If your loved one is one of those people who likes to save everything, encourage him or her to consider going through boxes or stuff they don’t really use or need and either giving it away to someone or donating it.

Room by room improvements.

Depending upon the mobility of the senior, this will vary, but going room by room and considering how you can improve safety for a person with physical limitations is a great way to ensure they remain as safe as possible.

Take the bathroom, for example. If your loved one has balance related issues, you may want to consider installing grab bars in the shower. If they start to slip or lose their balance, these grab bars are designed to support the weight of a full grown adult as long as they are installed properly.

You can also use grab bars around the toilet to help the senior lower and raise themselves with a bit more ease than just relying on their leg strength.

Installing a stair lift.

As people get older, the strength in their arms and legs will begin to diminish, especially if they don’t exercise on a regular basis. As legs become weaker, balance can become an issue, thus, making the stairs an unsafe daily activity.

Using a stair lift to avoid the risk of falling off balance and taking a hard tumble may very well be a worthwhile investment for the senior in your life.

When considering senior home safety tips for your loved one, it is best if you can look at the challenges of daily living from their perspective based on their limitations and not yours.

The caregivers at Comfort Keepers are available to talk with you and your family about all of your caregiver needs. Comfort Keepers is an elder care agency providing quality and affordable home care in Katy, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call (281) 407-0202 for more information.

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Don Lalonde

Prior to opening the West Houston Comfort Keepers office, Carol and Don Lalonde learned firsthand how difficult it can be to find qualified caregivers for seniors and others needing assistance at home. Carol and Don opened the West Houston Comfort Keepers office because they have personally witnessed the difficulty seniors experience as they age and try to remain at home.

They first experienced the need for senior home care services when Don’s father became very ill. His mother attempted to care for Don’s dad, but it was an overwhelming effort. At that time they were not able to find the type of services Comfort Keepers delivers. And shortly after, they experienced similar frustrations when Carol's mother became very ill. They recognize there are comparable situations today where seniors and their families find it difficult to obtain the needed assistance that will allow loved ones to live safely and independently at home.

Carol and Don are integral components in the West Houston, Katy, Bear Creek, Copperfield, Cypress, and Willowbrook communities enabling them to provide assistance to those families needing help with their loved ones.