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Distance from Loved Ones Doesn’t Mean Aging Veterans Can’t Get Quality Home Care

Care for Aging Veterans in Houston TX

Care for Aging VeteransWhen Diane moved 1,000 miles away from her aging father, who happened to be a veteran of the United States Army, she didn’t expect that his physical strength and condition would deteriorate as quickly as it did. He had to make several trips to the hospital and she felt completely powerless to provide any support and assistance for him.

She followed a dream to pursue a new career for herself and he encouraged her to follow that dream. She had always known her father to be an incredibly strong, proud, and independent individual. Even if he required some type of assistance, she assumed, he would never call on her for that type of help. He would simply do whatever he could to try and figure out how to complete the task on his own.

Following the first heart attack, she noticed how much slower he had become. He was weaker and withdrawing from many things he used to enjoy, including spending time with friends. She wanted to be there for him, but with her job and other responsibilities, it wasn’t practical.

Diane began flying back and forth on weekends, usually once or twice a month, to support him, and it cost her quite a bit of money. She was able to help him do certain things around the house, such as clean, check the smoke detectors, help him catch up on laundry, and more.

She simply assumed that somebody like him, a proud veteran with a distinguished service record, wouldn’t even consider relying on home care aide. Within a couple of months, though, her father sat her down and asked why she was spending so much time and money to fly back and forth to help him out.

The more they talked, the more she realized he had basically given up on himself and doing things he used to enjoy. That’s when she started to seriously contemplate discussing home care options with him.

For aging veterans, it’s really no different than it is for any other elderly individual. These veterans can rely on home care support, whether they have a definitive need for it or it would provide them more comfort, security, and a higher quality of life.

If an elderly veteran requires home care because of significant disabilities and the inability to get around on their own, if they served during an active time of combat, they may even qualify for financial support through the Aid and Attendance Benefit.

Diane’s father didn’t, but when she finally did have that conversation with him about home care, he realized what he was missing out on an agreed to hire a professional caregiver.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from care for aging veterans in Houston, TX, contact the caregivers at SYNERGY HomeCare. We help seniors and their families with many levels of home care service. Call (281) 407-1200 for more information.

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