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Women Caregivers, Stress, and Taking Care of Yourself, Too

Caregiver Stress in Houston, TX

Caregiver-StressMore than 80 percent of the caregivers in the United States are women. Whether it’s because of their natural instincts as a women to take care of their loved ones or some other reason, one thing becomes clear: women caregivers deal with an incredible amount of stress every single day.

One of the most common things that tends to get overlooked or neglected when somebody is caring for an elderly loved one, for example, is their own health and well-being. The busier people are, the more they have a tendency to eat poorly, skip exercise, and get into other bad habits.

One thing that is incredibly important for these female caregivers, whether they are taking care of family members or doing this as their professional full-time job is to maintain their own health. That includes getting to the doctor for regular screenings and checkups.

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month and for a growing number of women throughout the United States, cervical cancer and other health related issues that are specific to their gender continue to increase each and every year. In reality, cervical cancer is a highly treatable form of cancer when caught early enough.

Allowing things to pass and skipping a doctor’s appointment, for example, because you’re too busy taking care of your aging mother or father and don’t feel as though you have the time to devote to those appointments is neglecting your own health.

With cervical cancer and other related health problems, there may be few, if any, early signs and symptoms. The only true way to get properly tested and screened is by visiting your doctor for regular examinations.

If the stress and time constraints of taking care of your senior loved one have forced you to put important health screenings on hold, it’s time to consider the benefits of hiring a home care aide to help out. A home care provider can give your senior the support they need, as frequently as they need it, and give you back some of your time. That’s more than enough time to get to an appointment for proper health screening.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from the help of home care in Houston, TX, contact the caregivers at SYNERGY HomeCare. We help seniors and their families with many levels of home care service. Call (281) 407-1200 for more information.

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