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Home Safety Tips for the Senior Using a Walker

Senior Home Safety in Houston, TX

There are a variety of walkers out there that can be used to assist seniors with limited mobility as they go about their daily routine. However, according to the CDC, there are over 47,000 seniors treated every year at the emergency room for falls associated with a walker. The following home safety tips apply to seniors using a walker.

Why does a senior need to use a walker for home safety?

Seniors often use a walker when recovering from surgery, such as hip or knee surgery or if they have difficulty maintaining their balance.

How to prevent falls when using a walker.

In order to help keep the senior safe at home when using a walker, ensure that the unit is the right fit. Make sure the individual was properly instructed on how to use this device safely.

Many falls with a walker may be the result of an improper fit or lack of instruction on how to use the device safely.

Can a senior use someone else’s walker?

Using a walker that was not specifically selected for them or adjusted to the right height could result in injuries. A physical therapist or physician is usually the most knowledgeable person to fit a senior with a walker. They will also provide instruction and training on how to use the device appropriately.

Walkers come in a wide variety.

Walkers are usually made of a lightweight aluminum designed to support 50 percent of a person’s weight. They are available with two wheels, four wheels, or even without wheels. They can come with a seat, a basket, brakes, and specialized grips. Most walkers can fold up for storing or transporting via car or bus.

Safety at home for a senior using a walker.

  • Keep the walker close to the body.
  • Take small, slow steps.
  • Remove throw rugs as it is too easy to get tangled up.
  • The senior should wear nonskid shoes, slippers, or socks.
  • Walk with head up to maximize balance.
  • Both hands should be on the walker. If you need to carry items as you get around, invest in a walker with a basket.
  • Move walker ahead one footstep at a time, maintaining balance after each step.

Getting up from a seated position using a walker.

  • Slide yourself to the front edge of the chair with the walker in front of you.
  • Gripping the walker with both hands, stand up slowly.
  • Make sure your balance is steady before you try to walk.

Sitting down while using a walker

  • While using your walker, back up slowly to the chair until your legs are touching the front of the chair.
  • If the chair you will be sitting on has an armrest, you can use the armrest with one hand while leaving the other on the walker.
  • Proceed to sit down slowly.

A walker is a device used to aid a senior in getting around their home and other places safely. However, it’s important to consider these senior home safety tips when using a walker to help reduce the risk of falling.

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