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4 Strategies to Make Live-in Care for Seniors Work Out Great for Dad

Live-in Care for Seniors in Houston, TX

Live-in-Care-for-SeniorsPlanning ahead can make a world of difference for seniors who rely on live-in care. If your father is working with a live in caregiver, there may be challenges ahead. Yes, having somebody there with him around-the-clock can be an incredible benefit, but that doesn’t automatically mean everything is going to work out perfectly.

There are going to be some situations that arise that can complicate the relationship or limit your father’s abilities or enjoyment in life. That doesn’t mean the particular caregiver hired is the wrong one, but it means that planning should be focused on for the future.

Here are four strategies that can make all the difference to your aging father and that live-in caregiver so this particular situation is as positive and productive as possible.

Strategy #1: Talk often.

Your father should express his concerns, desires, or preferences when first settling in with a new live in caregiver. If he doesn’t express the things that matter most to him, how is the caregiver going to know?

It’s a good idea to plan regular conversations about certain issues that may arise. There may be things that frustrate your father that the caregiver does and vice versa but if neither of them actually say anything out of a concern of upsetting the other individual, nothing is going to get resolved.

Plan to have them sit down and talk at least once a month, if not weekly for 15 minutes or so.

Strategy #2: Stay active.

Your father should stay active and involved in life. Even though he needs assistance throughout the day and sometimes overnight, that doesn’t mean he has to sit around and watch every day pass him by.

As long as he is focused on activities he can still do and the caregiver supports him, this will promote a positive relationship.

Strategy #3: Rely on neutral parties if necessary.

Assuming the caregiver was hired through an agency, any issues family members or the elderly client have with the particular caregiver should be addressed with the caregiver first and then with the agency. Relying on a neutral party can help resolve issues that may actually be minor but feel much more significant.

Strategy #4: Do things together.

The caregiver is there to support the senior, helping them maintain the house, cooking, and many other things. They can also support your father by doing certain activities with him.

There are likely at least a few things your father enjoys doing that the caregiver also has an interest in. They should capitalize on this mutual interest and that can improve the quality of care.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from the help of live-in care in Houston, TX, contact the caregivers at SYNERGY HomeCare. We help seniors and their families with many levels of home care service. Call (281) 407-1200 for more information.

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