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5 Reasons Live-In Care is the Best Option for Your Senior Loved One

Live-In Care For Seniors in Northwest Houston, TX  – Here are a Few of the Benefits of Live-in Care

Live-In Care For Seniors in Northwest Houston, TXAre you thinking about the possibility your elderly mom may need more care during the day than you can manage? Do you find she gets very lonely at night and is afraid of falling so she avoids getting up to go to the restroom? Do you wonder what would happen if she had an emergency and no one was there to help her? All these questions can really weigh heavily on your mind.

Live-in home care might very well be the right choice for you. Here are some reasons why this could be a good option to consider.

  1. Trained caregivers – your mom will actually get two caregivers so that one can have some time off during the week while the other one steps in. This ensures the caregivers have time off and can be with their family while they are off duty. One caregiver may come Monday to Thursday and the other one may come Friday to Sunday. Sometimes the week is split up a different way, but your mom will always have a caregiver there with her. This also allows for consistency. Elderly seniors don’t like having a lot of different caregivers coming they aren’t familiar with. When there’s only two taking turns it feels a lot more secure to the senior.
  2. Individualized care – the amount of care your mom needs is up to her. If she can cook her meals independently but needs help bathing and dressing the caregiver will adapt to whatever your mom’s needs are. Some seniors may need help with hygiene while others don’t. The needs of your parent may change over time and as they do, the caregiver will adjust accordingly.
  3. Your family needs a break – while everyone loves to help Grandma, the family also needs to spend some time together doing other things. Whether your mom lives in her own home or in yours, live-in care can give your family the break you need and help to reduce stress levels.
  4. Peace of mind for you and your family – it can be very stressful to worry about your mom every time you need to go somewhere. This kind of stress just keeps building up and is unhealthy both mentally and physically. Working a job all day and taking care of your mom all evening when you should be resting and winding down can also be stressful. Having a live-in caregiver alleviates this stress and allows you to take time to rest and do the other things you need to do to keep going every day.
  5. You can visit with your mom without having to jump up each minute to get something done – when someone else is handling the caregiving responsibilities, you and your mom can just enjoy spending time together.
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