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Live-In Home Care in Houston TX: Having Fun with Your Loved One

By: Expert Author, Chad Jolley, Owner, Synergy Home Care Houston TX

Live-In Care Houston TXLive-in home care does not have to be boring and stressful. The best home care providers know how to have fun and laugh, even when helping with bathing or other usually uncomfortable situations. While there are always going to be times when live in home care providers should be serious, a subtle shift to a positive attitude can have a big effect on the success of your care giving.

Watch Funny Movies

The fun that you have when you are providing live in home care depends on what your loved one is capable of enjoying. If your loved one is bedridden, there is nothing wrong bringing in a collection of funny movies. Ask your loved one what movies he or she enjoys and pick some of the funniest ones from that era. If your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s, watching funny movies from days gone by could make your loved one’s day. You can find practically anything on Netflix and older movies can often be found online for free.

Play Games

Playing games is another great way to have fun as a live in home care provider. Classic games like Monopoly and Clue are always fun to play. However, since you are spending so much time with an elderly adult who has much more life experience than you do, you could take the opportunity to learn new games. Many elderly adults know classic card games, like Bridge, and as a live in home care provider, you have plenty of time to learn the complex game.

Tell Stories and Illustrate Them

Storytelling is another great way to have fun together. As a 24-hour home care provider, you can be the recorder for the stories that you charge will tell. To really make it fun, you can also be not only the recorder, but the illustrator, too. If you do not draw well, you can find pictures online and digitally illustrate the stories. When you both look at the finished compilations, you will enjoy the stories even more and have plenty of laughs together.

Have Fun Creatively

It is also important to have fun with anything you can find. Some adults have collections that they love to spend time with, like baseball cards or figurines. When seniors are able to share their collections with their 24 hour home care provider, you can have fun discussions about key pieces and how they got into the collections. If you are caring for a female relative, why not have fun with nail polish and makeup? There are so many different ways to have fun, but it depends on what your live in care charge enjoys doing. Whatever it is that they love to do, be sure to do it – even if you have to use a video game console, markers, or playing cards to get the job done!

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