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Heart Attack Recovery: How To Prevent Hospital Readmission in Houston TX

By: Expert Author Chad Jolley, Owner, Synergy HomeCare, Houston TX

Home CareA heart attack is a serious life-threatening event, and because of that, a senior who has suffered a heart attack will require special care after his release from the hospital in order to help his heart recover fully, as well as the rest of his body. He will also need guidance toward a healthier lifestyle so that subsequent heart attacks can be prevented.

A glimpse into the life of a post-heart attack senior-male or female

  • All his treatment requirements including strict adherence to medication schedule as outlined by the doctor must be met.
  • She must receive an adequate amount of rest and relaxing time.
  • He must not be subject to undue levels of stress.
  • She will require help to prepare healthy meals and make sure enough food and water is taken in.
  • There will be prescribed physical activities such as walking to do; he will need a companion.
  • Follow-up appointments must be kept so that her doctor can monitor the recovery process and ensure no serious complications arise.

What kind of help will mom or dad need during recovery?

Your parent will need more care during the recovery after a heart attack than before. This may be more than you are able to give. If you need help and there is no family nearby to assist you, consider the help of a home care agency. They have trained professionals that can help you help your parent during this time of need.

Even if your parent lives with you or is going to move in with you, hourly home care can help to ease your burden. If work or family keeps you busy, a caregiver can be there to cover the time that you cannot. Then you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being cared for in every way necessary.

If your parent was quite active and mobile before the heart attack, then the recovery is going to be a big adjustment for them. They will have to ease back into activity, at a pace that his or her medical doctor is comfortable with. The right balance of healthy food, rest and moderate exercise will go a long way to help in preventing hospital readmission.

Watching your parent go through a heart attack and recovery process can take its toll on the primary caregiver. If you are feeling burdened with the stress and worry, make sure to take the time to care for yourself as well. A good dose of relaxation is on the agenda for you too. Maybe a relative can take a turn watching over your parent to give you a much needed break.

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