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Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Loss Houston TX – 3 Ways to Help Your Aging Loved One Remember

While many people believe that seniors coping with Alzheimer’s disease have completely lost all of their memories, this is not really true. Memory loss is associated with Alzheimer’s disease tends to be more short-term in nature, and even when patients have reached late stages of the disease and seem incapable of communication or functioning on a normal level, they are often capable of recalling memories from decades before. Encouraging Alzheimer’s patients to recall memories on a regular basis can keep their minds stronger and enable them to continue communicating and maintaining bonded relationships with their loved ones for longer.

There are many ways that you can help prompt your aging loved one recall memories even when coping with the memory loss of Alzheimer’s disease.

Some of these include:

Visual Prompts

Sit with your aging loved one and look through family photographs. Simply seeing pictures of loved ones and events from years past can help trigger memories that they haven’t talked about in years. You may even learn more about family members that passed years before and get greater insight into your loved one.

Auditory Prompts

Songs are incredible memory tools, and you may find that your aging loved one can easily recall songs that he saying in his youth. Even if the senior doesn’t seem to communicate cohesively any longer, or has difficulty remembering names and other common words, he may be able to sing along with old songs or even hum the tune with your prompting. Sometimes these songs can also trigger memories and your loved one can begin telling stories of times that he links to those songs.

Fragrance Prompts

The sentence that is most links to memory is actually your sense of smell. Smells are incredibly powerful when it comes to helping people remember people, places and events. Prepare meals or baked desserts that your loved one enjoyed in younger times so that your home is filled with these familiar fragrances. These smells are often extremely comforting and will remind the senior of happy times with his mother or grandmother.

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