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Home Care Companions Can Help Clients with Diabetes Stay Healthy and Avoid Hospital Readmission

By: Expert Author Chad Jolley, Owner, Synergy HomeCare, Houston TX

Home Care Houston TXDiabetes is a challenge for many seniors. It is a condition that develops with age, and can lead to some very serious medical complications if not managed well. Fortunately, home care companions can help clients with diabetes stay healthy and still pursue the active and energetic lives that they want.

There are many ways that home care companion can support the health and well-being of a senior with diabetes. These include:

Nutritional Support

The diet of the senior with diabetes is an absolutely vital part of their management plan. Home care companions have knowledge of nutrition, and can help the senior understand the impact of different foods on their health and other diabetes. They can also help them to prepare meals and snacks that will support their health.

Medication Reminders

For a senior with diabetes, remaining compliant with the medication recommendations of their doctor is so important. It is very easy, however, to forget to take a dose of medication or to check their blood sugar. When this happens, there diabetes can get out of control quickly. A home care companion can provide reminders for these activities so they are always done on time and properly. This keeps the senior proactive about his health.

 Supporting Exercise

A senior with diabetes can benefit dramatically from physical activity. Even if they are able to do a lot, and something as simple as walking around the block or exercising to a senior workout tape can make a major difference in their health. A home care companion can encourage this physical activity, and accompany them on it, making exercise much more enjoyable and beneficial.

 Family Support

You are a central part of the health and well-being of your parents. If your aging loved one is dealing with diabetes, your involvement will make a major difference in how well they manage their condition. A home care companion will keep you informed of any it changes and your loved ones’ condition and give suggestions for how you can support the management of their diabetes. This can include sharing with you the favorite recipes that they had discovered or what physical activities that they have been doing so that you can do them, too.

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