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VA Home Care Houston TX: Help For Veterans With Alzheimer’s Disease

Veterans Care Houston TX“My husband Stan, he has always been a man who is very aware. Very sharp.” Rosa M. snapped her fingers. “Like that. He’s always thinking. That’s a Navy Pilot for you.” Her face grew sad for a moment, although she deliberately kept her voice cheerful. “After the Alzheimer’s started, Stan was determined that he wouldn’t let this beat him. But it is so hard. It got to the point where he couldn’t work, and then I didn’t want to go to work myself because I wasn’t sure he’d be safe at home alone.”

Many families find themselves in exactly the same situation that Rosa and Stan are facing. Eldercare experts are warning of a Silver Tsunami: a catastrophic rise in the numbers of people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other cognitive conditions that cause confused and disordered thinking as the Baby Boom generation – many of whom are Vietnam Veterans – enter the retirement age. The costs of providing in home care for a veteran with Alzheimer’s Disease can be phenomenal. Many traditional health care insurance plans, such as the one Stan had through his employer, an automobile dealership, don’t cover in home care services.

The Veteran Aid and Attendance Pension program does pay for home care for veterans. There are certain criteria you have to meet. You must have served in any branch of the military for at least 90 days, with some or all of that service taking place during a time when America was at war. This means you qualify if you’re a WWII vet, a Korean War Vet, a Vietnam War Vet, or, if you’re fully disabled, a Gulf War vet. You must have been honorably discharged.

Help For Aging Veterans: Paying For In Home Care

“At first, I wasn’t really sure we needed help at all. Stan and I have been married for forty-two years! I should be able to take care of him,” Rosa said. “But this disease – it’s terrible. You can’t take anything for granted. One day, everything’s fine. The next day, he sneaks out of the house when you’re taking a nap and mows down all the neighbor’s flowerbeds.” Inappropriate and socially inconvenient behaviors are often associated with Alzheimer’s, and result from the disordered thought processes. “I had to get help.”

Accessing Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Pension program funds can be a complex and laborious task. There is a lot of paperwork involved, and if you’re not well-versed in bureaucracy, applying for assistance can be a very frustrating experience. “I wanted to give up hope,” Rosa said. “But I couldn’t give up because Stan needed help.” Today, there are programs like this one that specialize in helping veterans access their VA pension. This streamlines the process and makes it much easier for families that need in home care for their loved ones.

If your loved one is a veteran who served this country during a time of war, and they now need home care, contact us today. We can help you access the funding you need to get the help your family needs.

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