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      Focusing on Safety for Seniors at Home Helps Forge a More Positive Attitude in Life

      By Donna Wrabel | March 24, 2017
      Senior Home Safety in Katy TX: Keeping a Positive Attitude

      For Reginald, getting older was not something he wanted to think about in his younger years. He had helped his elderly father take care of the house, run errands, and do so many other things, he simply didn’t want to reach that point for himself. As time marched on, Reginald began to see things from…

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      How Aging Veterans Can Help Peers Understand Benefits of Some VA Benefits

      By Mark Haselden | March 22, 2017
      Care for Aging Veterans in Pecan Grove TX: Understanding VA Benefits

      As veterans get older, they may face increasing physical, mental, or emotional challenges. There are many benefits available through the VA, and even though this organization has received a lot of negative press through the years, it is some type of support, especially for those who need medical attention or some type of extra care…

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      Being Tired All the Time Can Affect Safety for Seniors

      By Mike Willett | March 20, 2017
      Senior Home Safety in Houston TX: Chronic Fatigue

      March is National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month and for those who have experienced chronic fatigue, they know how difficult it can make daily life. When a senior is dealing with any type of extreme fatigue, especially the kind of weariness that lasts all day, it can impact safety. A senior who is dealing with…

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      The More Experience a Home Care Aide Has, the More Likely She’ll Be a Positive Person

      By Sid Gerber | March 17, 2017
      Home Care for Seniors in River Oaks TX: Positive Attitude

      It’s that time of the year again! Optimism Month. While this may be difficult for some people to accept, being positive can have many repercussions throughout life. When you’re talking about home care support services, people who have done this type of work in the past understand how challenging it can be. It can be…

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      Keeping Track of Safety Concerns Helps You See Improvement

      By Donna Wrabel | February 24, 2017
      Senior Home Safety in Houston TX

      Senior Home Safety in Houston TX Struggling to take care of certain things can certainly be challenging. Watching somebody struggle with basic tasks they used to do with ease is just as difficult for family members. In some cases, it’s easy for elderly loved ones to refuse to admit their challenges. Their adult child, for…

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